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Tennessee Boar Hunting

Hunting Lodge References

Paul Fitzgerald's Tennessee Boar Hunt

Read Paul Fitzgerald's Adventurous Hunting Story, An account of his boar hunting trip to Tennessee.

1. Brian Oaks, Franchising Manager, McDonaldís Corporation, Southfield, MI. 248-354-9390

"One of the best hunting experiences that my friends and I have ever had!"

2. Jon J. Manley, Nashua, NH. 603-886-0493

"Had so much fun that I am going to fill the lodge next trip with my friends next trip!"

3. Dave Bauer, Lexington, KY 606-330-5821

"The hunting, the lodge, the food, and staff were outstanding! This was really some more hunt!

4. Joe Quinn, Senior VP Investments, Bank One, Milwaukee, WI 414-646-4074

"My sons and I have hunted at Cumberland Mountain Hunting Lodge 4 times during the last year and have taken 12 Russian Wild Boar. We have found that you can't beat the excitement, service, or treatment you receive while at Cumberland Mountain Hunting Lodge!"

Tennessee Boar Hunting
Paul Fitzgerald, Dan, and Guides
5. Jim Wilson, Field Editor for Shooting Times Magazine, Martzon, TX. 915-835-7562

"Most fun Iíve ever had! I got the biggest Russian Wild Boar that I had ever seen! Best food that Iíve had, ever!" Mr. Wilson published an article in the May 1998 issue of Shooting Times Magazine detailing his experiences at Cumberland Mountain Hunting Lodge."

6. Dave Collinsworth, Anaconda, MT. 406-563-8500

"Iíve been to other lodges but Iíve never had so much fun! I really had to work on this hunt and it was fun!"

7. Dave Watson, Nashville, TN. 615-321-3240

"This is a first class hunting operation and I endorse it!" Mr. Watson will produce/host the upcoming TNN Outdoors show Secrets of the Hunt, High Five Entertainment Company production. Mr. Watson's show will soon be on TNN at 8:00AM on Saturday mornings that will be featuring / originating from the Cumberland Mountain Hunting Lodge."

8. John Lewitz, Gardenview, PA 215-810-2057/215-766-7733

"The hunting, the lodge, the food, and the staff were all outstanding! I am going back and take a group of my hunting buddies!"

9. Dr. Michael Vitkin, Rainbow City, AL 205-442-6089

"We had so much fun that we are going back to hunt more wild game! It was really a challenge!"

10. Tom Kelly, Business Manager, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, MA 413-781-8300

"We all had a really great time hunting the wild boar and other exotic animals. It was a real challenge!"