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Tennessee Boar Hunting

Learn To Hunt

This is a 3 day course designed for people with little or no hunting experience who would like a private hands on, one-on-one to four-on-one training. Designed for a parent or parents and children who would like to learn to hunt as either a sport or to learn survival/self reliance skills.

Topics covered can include gun safety, target practice, animal sign, stand placement, field dressing, meat processing, license requirements and check-in procedures.

Course takes place on 3,000 acres of private hunting property. In addition to our exotic species we offer freerange whitetail deer, boar and turkey hunts. 

Meat Processing

Hunting prices to the right include the guide field dressing and getting it back to the lodge. Meat can be fully processed and vacuum packed at our on-site butchering shop for nominal fees. For example Deer, boar, ram, goats can be skinned, fully processed and vacuum sealed in individual packaging and labeled for $100.

Welcome Female Hunters

We welcome and encourage female hunters to come hunting with us. We have a private room available as well as a separate restroom for the lady hunters.









Learn To Hunt

American Bison (Buffalo) $1,595 - $3,250
Angora Goat$725
Axis Deer$1,450 - $1,950
Aoudad$1,750 - $2,950
Barbarossa Ram (Marino) $725
Black Hawaiian Ram $825
Blackbuck Antelope $1,250 - $1,775
Boar $725
Elk (bull)$1,950 - $4,500
Elk (cow)$995
Fallow Deer (buck) $1,250 - $1,750
Fallow Deer (doe) $495
Mouflon Ram $925
Red Stag (buck)$1,450 - $3,500
Sika Deer (buck) $1,250 - $1,750
Spanish Goat $725
Texas Dall Ram $825
Course / Hunt Deposits$250
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Private Room

Add a private room to any package above that includes lodging. We have one private room available on a first to reserved, first served basis.

Standard lodging includes a bed in a bunk style room. Keep in mind we have three of these bunk rooms and we do try to house everyone in a room with their own party.