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Tennessee Boar Hunting

Wild Boar Articles

A growing collection of links to articles concerning wild boar or wild hogs.

Deer, wild hog collisions cost more than $1 billion annually - Nov 4, 2010

Sweedish Hunter attacked by wild boar - Nov 3, 2010

Oviedo police kill wild boar terrorizing neighborhood

Wild Boar Bites 5 People in Japan - Oct 2010

Michigan asking hunters for help controlling feral swine - October 2010

Seminole County was crawling with rattlesnakes until wild hogs all but wiped them out

Wild hogs have made pigsties of Osceola yards, homeowners said

Wild hogs are wily, tough - 2001

1994: Wild hogs make pigs of themselves, tearing up land, park managers complain


1993: Needy to feast on wild hogs