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Tennessee Boar Hunting

Wild Boar Hair

We have available wild Russian boar hair (European Boar) for fly tying. There are approximately 50 boar hairs in each bag.

Wild boar hair is a great, natural, material for fly tying. Boar hair can be used for multiple purposes including tails on mayfly's, legs on beetles, ants, and antennae. Boar hair is resilient yet will take a set. 

Cost is Only $2.44 and includes shipping in the U.S.















Wild Boar Hair Bulk

The same high quality boar hair to fly tiers is also available in bulk to fly shops, manufacturers and other interested in a larger volume.

These packages of boar hair are approximately 8" x 10" sections of boar hide with hair attached. The hide is freshly frozen and each package contains thousands of boar hair.

Cost is Only $20 plus shipping via your preferred shipper, usually U.S. Postal Service.



Re-freeze boar hide immediately upon receipt and use safe raw meat handing precautions when processing (i.e. wear gloves, wash hands, counters, and scissors thoroughly after use.


To remove hair:

1) Lay out frozen/semi-frozen hide on disposable surface such as aluminum foil.

2) Use sharp small scissors or Exacto to cut each hair from hide (usually as close to surface as possible for desired use).

Hide can be re-frozen as many times as needed to complete hair removal if you don't have the time to do it all at once.

3) Rinse removed hairs in warm water and allow to dry. A cheese cloth bag works great for this.